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Smart study system - you learn with interactive flashcards - the app optimizes your study time - you expand your Mandarin skills faster

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Key Features

Mandarin Spark has been intelligently engineered to increase your Chinese skills fast

Learning Chinese is easy with these advanced study features

 Smart study system

Interactive flashcards tests are designed to strengthen character recognition, pinyin translation and tone recollection

 Optimized Tests

Short bitesize tests of 30 cards help to make fast progress learning Chinese. That's because Mandarin Spark monitors your study patterns and identifies key focus areas. This information is used to calculate the most optimal bitesize study set - unique to you!

 Study Lists

Users can create their own custom study lists, or use pre-installed lists are available for all HSK levels.

 Chinese-English Dictionary

Includes CC-CEDICT, open-source Chinese-English dictionary with over 100,000 entries

 Personalzed Learning

Adjust your study profile to curate your personal aims and preferences

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How It Works

Mandarin Spark contains an unique algorithm engineered to help people learn Mandarin Chinese faster by identifying users strengths and weakness and adapting study sequences


Create a Study List

Users start by creating study lists using the built in Chinese-English dictionary, which contains over 100,000 entries.

Alternatively you can use pre-installed HSK study lists.

Mandarin Spark - Create a Study List

Start a Flashcard Test

A optimised study flashcard sequence will be calculated based on your study habits. You will be tested on a combination on weaker words + newer words first, meaning you gain maximum productivity from your study time.

Your first few tests will probably mostly consist of new words, but don't worry... Mandarin Spark learns as you learn and will be producing optimzed tests, unique to you, after a few days of use.

Mandarin Spark - Start a Flashcard Test

Component Tracking

Mandarin Spark understands that learning Chinese can be challenging and time consuming, but also a highly rewarding experience!

The app optimizes your study productivity by splitting each Chinese word into three components:

  • Characters
  • Pinyin
  • Tones
The app monitors your "memorization strength" of each component of each word separately over time, and feeds it back into the algorithm. This enables the app to identify areas you need to improve the most. By homing in on these areas, you won't waste time being tested on components of words you already know!

For the optimization to gain full efficiency, you should study 5 to 10 minutes of Mandarin everyday.

Mandarin Spark - Component Tracking

Grow your Mandarin Skills!

Use Mandarin Spark everyday to learn new words and test yourself on words you've previously learned, and start making faster progress on your quest to be a Mandarin Spark!

Mandarin Spark - Learning is Fun!

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Take a look at the features and content included with Mandarin Spark

Mandarin Spark

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